Valerio was launched as a high-end fashion retail store in London 20 years ago, while Valerio.store, the international online clothing store was launched in 2018. Valerio.store resulted from decades of hard work, the tens of thousands of satisfied high end fashion customers, and the owner’s vision to make the same in-store premium clothes available online and internationally.

Valerio.store now provides handpicked luxurious men’s apparel, accessories, and footwear for all ages, while still treating every customer with utmost care and respect.

Every customer is a family and friend when it comes to Valerio, and complete customer satisfaction is one of Valerio’s core values.

Discover hand-picked mainline

When you think of Valerio, imagine premium mainline clothes supplied directly from UK and Italy at unique and competitive prices. Each piece of apparel or accessory is masterfully treated by Valerio’s staff, photographed by the professional in-house photographer and then marketed on the online store. What you see is what you get.

All of Valerio’s collection is in line with the latest offerings and innovative designs by the respective international fashion brands.

At its core, Valerio.store is all about the newest handpicked clothing and the best in the men’s fashion industry. That’s why the pure passion for luxury clothing and fashion is easily felt every time a customer enters the store or wears a fashion piece from Valerio. It’s just what Valerio.store is and just what you will get. Every time.