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How to Dress for Ibiza?

Photo by Raúl Bautista © All Rights Reserved

Summer in the UK, and that means one thing: Ibiza and hustle in San Antonio.

This small Balearic laid-back Isle has for decades been the weekend getaway destination for cocktail-fuelled beach clubs, hedonistic parties, yacht-hopping and some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll see.

It’s a beautiful mix of all-nighters and postcard perfect beaches, crystal clear waters and cocktails, spirituality and spliffs.

Ibiza has a special place in the heart of all its devotees, whether they are there for yachts by day and scenery restaurants by night; fish & chips and house music by the most famous DJs in the world’s biggest clubs—Privilege Ibiza, or hiking in the hills, yoga and green juice (with a vodka chaser).

Ibiza is all-out about the parties and how you endeavour them. Overthinking your trip is not an off-white substance, and neither should your dress code be. So, stay tuned, and let us inspire you on your fabulous trip!

T-Shirt: Go Bold

Think comfort and versatility. You would need to bring something that fits all hours of the day. Hitting the beach during the day for a swim and cocktails–and moving over to a beach party on the later hours by wearing a t-shirt that is standing out from the crowd. Be fitted in something bold and fashionable that works for both, and obviously, you still want to look fresh.

Shorts: Colours

This year is all about the colours. You’ll want to equip yourself with a couple of pair of shorts that you can swim and lunch in, but also adorn the party in.

Moschino shorts come in a wild variety of colours which will suit you for a mid-morning swim or stepping into an afternoon party at O Beach Ibiza. You’ll look smashing and be comfortable at the same time. To be safe, pack a pair of Bermuda’s for the evening, but the likeliness of wearing them at all are slim.

Shirts: For Clubbing

You would preferably go short sleeve during the day and for the evening a lavish linen long sleeve button up. The key is to wear something breathable, especially at a late-night party packed to the brim with UK travellers. It’s Ibiza though, the land of the free, so the party goers will not question you if you button down too much.

Shoes: Code

In order to enter and exit the club venues, you will have to carry appropriate clothing with you. Casual sneakers are fine, however, avoid wearing trainers or running shoes as this will not be allowed under any circumstances.


Lastly, you’ll need something to carry your belongings in, and because you’ll probably be out most of the day without returning to your accommodation. A Dsqaured2 body bag will go perfectly with the rest of your outfit. These bags are stylish, and great for carrying valuables.

To truly enjoy Ibiza, one must embrace its style and culture. Your best bet is to let your inner hound loose and dress as in style.

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