Versus Versace line absorbed into Versace Jeans

Two decades after hitting the runway and setting the world of fashion alight with its bold, contemporary style, the Versus Versace fashion line enters another phase of its existence. Gifted to Donatella Versace by her brother Gianni Versace, founder of the Italian luxury fashion house, the Versus line is being absorbed by the brand, integrating it with Versace Jeans, another of the brand's contemporary lines. This integrative move comes on the heels of the acquisition of the luxury brand by US group Michael Kors (now Capri Holdings Limited), bringing to a close the long history of Versace's first diffusion line. It has been in existence since 1989.

Ever since its introduction to the fashion industry, Versus Versace has fiercely embraced the concept of being bold, rebellious and fearless. It became known as a line that refuses to follow the dictates of any fashion or dress code. Versus defies all conventions, taking great pleasure in its unabashed approach of creating its own path through innovation and exploration.

The Versus/Versace Jeans merger could certainly cause some level of concern among Versace fans that the brands will be diluted. Assurance that this would not be the case came from Versace's chief executive officer, Jonathan Akeroyd, who indicated that the merger of the two contemporary lines will allow the brand to further enhance the Versace Jeans collections while preserving everything about the Versus line that allows it to enjoy such an iconic status.

Versus is known for its raw, artistic, edgy and carefree fashion, the hallmark of a genuine streetwear label. It is a label that thrives on individuality. The iconic label produces fashion that inspires people, even non-fashion people, to express themselves. Donatella Versace will be at the helm of both labels. She has full creative control of the Versace collections, and affirms that her passion has never been stronger. The Versace brand will maintain that edge and continue to treat its fans to its unique designs.

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